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What type of freight can be shipped?

Our company offers logistics freight services for all commercialized and industrial products, including glass and hazardous materials. We do not ship any personal items or personal residential moving type of shipments.

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Can I expedite my shipment?

Yes, you can! Expediting shipments is easiest through dedicated full truckload (FTL) ground and air freight shipping. You will need to request this at the time of booking.

How are shipping rates determined?

Shipping rates vary, depending on the type of transportation, the distance, the weight/dimensions of the shipment, and the special requirements you may have. As a freight broker with no assets, our rates are based on availability at the time of shipping. Our rates are in line with the current market and competitive. Our pricing team is very honest and highly experienced with procurement. If you require insurance, let us know at the time of quoting. Please note that we do not fully ensure all shipments, We especially do not insure any glass.

How should I package my items?

We highly recommend you package and palletize your freight very well. Make sure they are tightly packed, well-sealed with high quality film wrap, and properly labelled on each side. Let us know if you would like your freight strapped and secured to the inside of the transport.

What is the difference between full truckload (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL)?

The differences between a less-than-truckload and full truckload are primarily a matter of size and service levels. Less-than-truckload freight doesn’t fill an entire trailer and is shipped with other freight. Truckload freight shipments are shipped exclusively with no other freight on board to ensure guaranteed time sensitive deadlines. We highly recommend you ship on FTL service if your shipment is extremely time sensitive.

Are your shipments temperature-controlled?

We have a variety of shipping options to meet various needs. One of our shipping options is temperature-controlled shipping, ideal for perishable goods, such as plants, foods, or pharmaceuticals. We offer heating and cooling options.

Are shipments tracked?

Yes, we track all our shipments using up-to-date technology. If requested, we can keep you up to date on the tracking. When your shipment arrives, we will email you and arrival notice.

How long does it take to ship freight?

Freight shipping times differ, depending on the shipping destination, mode of transport, and travel conditions. Your shipment can arrive as early as the day it dispatches or within weeks. Several factors determine shipping speed, though our logistics experts will reroute shipments accordingly to minimize shipping time.

Do you offer interstate shipping?

We do not service Interstate shipping currently. Many cross-border options are available!

Do you offer door-to-door shipping?

Yes, we do offer door to door air and ocean shipping and dock to dock LTL/FTL ground services.

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