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For all your flatbed logistics needs, Freightworld Logistics Inc. has you covered. If you have cargo too large to transport in a standard trailer or the end users do not have a dock, never worry about how you can get it delivered. Our partner-carriers flatbed trucks provide you with the perfect solution to do the job. Any construction materials and large equipment is best served by being transported on a flatbed truck.

To have it transported over any distance, you need the efficient, safe, and timely services of Freightworld Logistics Inc. Call us today to book your flatbed trucking logistics service and get your load on the road!

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Advantages of Flatbed Trucking Logistics Services

There are so many different types of trucks to choose from, so it’s normal to be unsure of the best option for your cargo. We are here to assist! Flatbed trucks have many advantages and are an extremely effective choice for certain types of loads. The main advantage of flatbed trucking is that you have few constraints on the size of cargo you can transport. Our company also services all locations locally in the GTA and surrounding areas, Canada coast to coast, cross-border.

Some of what we can transport includes:

  • Lumber
  • Pipes
  • Construction vehicles
  • Farming equipment
  • Steel coils
  • Heavy machinery
  • And more!

If you’re unsure about whether flatbed trucking logistics is right for you, call us today at (416) 497-8766 (800) 294-8425.

Professional Flatbed Freight Broker

While the open deck provides many advantages to transporting oddly shaped items, it poses several challenges too. You have to be extremely careful moving loads of this size over long distances and through small areas. This means when you’re booking a logistics partner for your flatbed load, you need to make sure they are ready to handle the job and are aware of the rules and regulations of each lane.

At Freightworld Logistics Inc., we hire experienced professionals with impressive track records of handling loads such as yours, safe and sound. Oversized permit loads are welcome!

Your Cargo Is Delivered Safely

When you’re booking a flatbed truck, there’s only one thing you care about: your cargo. You want to make sure that it will be delivered where you need it safely, even over long distances or for unconventional loads.

Freightworld Logistics Inc. is committed to delivering your cargo as safely as possible. The main priority is getting your items to the destination in perfect condition. At every stage of the shipping process – the loading, securing, strapping, transportation, and unloading – we care about the quality of your products most of all.

So to have your load taken care of by dedicated professionals, call us today!

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