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FREIGHTWORLD is an experienced and qualified freight specialist with a proven track record in performing all types of full service, integrated and logistical distributions to locations within North America and offshore. We analyze and plan your freight movements from origin to destination for maximum efficiency and cost control. We provide both standard and temperature controlled equipment. Freightworld will identify and recommend opportunities for shipment consolidation and/or de-consolidation, where required. We also provide a sortation function as it relates to how the freight should be staged for easy access and convenient scheduling and loading. This helps to alleviate freight congestion at your facility.

We establish flow-through facilities by gathering products from multiple locations, uniting them at a central facility and consolidate by destination for final distribution. This reduces both warehousing and inventory costs, while promoting faster cycle times. We determine the optimum transportation mode to speed your products to market. We help you create and sustain a competitive advantage through superior operations management and support. Freightworld assists your company during the entire distribution process from start to finish.

Freightworld accomplishes this by utilizing operating tools that enhance the planning process. Management tools such as network planners, site selection, routing and scheduling, setting delivery appointments and fleet sizing analysis. We provide administrative functions such as bills of lading preparation, product labeling, proof of deliveries and customized invoicing for easy freight payment reconciliation.

Our transportation methods also include provisions for direct dedicated routings, stop off routings, palletization, de-palletization, and many other options to optimize your full distribution needs, where required. We can meet all of your inbound or outbound, domestic or international freight distribution requirements.

The Freightworld system allows you the flexibility to ship from your facility with a timetable best suited to your business. It offers seamless point-to-point services for products moving from several origins to a common destination, or for products moving from one site to a number of destinations. We join forces with your team and work hand in hand to coordinate the transportation booking process to ensure the most feasible and fastest turn around time. Our primary objective is to ensure that each national distribution function meets your high standards and expectations.